Shooting Star Ocarina Octet

This is my debut with the Shooting Star Ocarina Octet (formerly septet) playing the contrabass G ocarina. I’m incredibly grateful to have been asked to join this talented group of ocarinists. Please subscribe to the YouTube Channel to make sure you don’t miss any of the monthly videos.

Dushkin Recorders

I’ve picked up a trio of Dushkin recorders over the past year. Soprano, alto and tenor. I haven’t been able to find out a lot of information about them. It seems David Dushkin started making recorders around 1934. And he was the first American recorder maker. He started out in the Chicago area, then moved … Continue reading Dushkin Recorders

Re.corder by Artinoise

I recently picked up a Re.corder by Artinoise. It is an electronic, midi recorder. I’d been looking at them for a little while, and after playing a nightmare gig, decided to use the money from the gig on something fun. At the time (a week ago), you could only buy them online from Thomann in … Continue reading Re.corder by Artinoise


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About Me

Hi, I’m Brian. I am a freelance woodwind multi-instrumentalist and collector, although I hate the term “collector”. This blog will be about woodwind instruments, aspects of being a professional musician, and other relevant information.

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