Tonettes, Song Flutes & Flutophones…Part 2

Rivals of the Tonette in the “pre-band” instrument world were Song Flutes by Fitchhorn (later Conn) and Flutophones. I’ll also include an ocarina by Waterbury in this section. The Song Flute is very similar to the Tonette. There always seems to be some debate if the Song Flute is an ocarina or not. I say…

Tonettes, Song Flutes, Etc….Part 1

The tonette is what my elementary school used as an introduction to instrumental music. For me, it was 3rd Grade, 1977-ish. Nowadays, schools tend to use recorders or even ukuleles. Back in the day, some schools used flutophones or song flutes instead of tonettes. I’ll talk a little bit about each of those in other…

Recital Videos

I’ve edited the video from my recent woodwind recital into individual piece videos and uploaded them as a playlist on YouTube. The live stream video is still available as well. There are seven videos in the playlist. The preview below shows the first piece on the program (and playlist).


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Hi, I’m Brian. I am a freelance woodwind multi-instrumentalist and collector, although I hate the term “collector”. This blog will be about woodwind instruments, aspects of being a professional musician, and other relevant information.

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