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Metronoma Metronome by Crystalab

This Metronoma metronome arrived today.  I have a small collection of metronomes of various vintages.  This one was listed as "not working" so I got it pretty inexpensively.  The listing said it needed a new vacuum tube and a new light bulb, but  I was pleasantly surprised to fin that it works fine.  The vacuum tube seems fine, and the bulb was dislocated and just needed to be secured back into place.  The seller had even just replaced the electrical cord.
This particular Metronoma has a wooden case meaning it's an early one.  It's more commonly found with a plastic case (mostly brown with some marbling, but other colors pop up).  I found the patent information after a quick search.  The patent was applied for on 5-29-1946 and granted on 9-19-1950.  This one has "Pat. Applied For" on the back, so it should fall somewhere between those two dates.  The case has some worn spots, but overall I think it's in pretty good shape for being 70+ years old.    
Metronoma front
Metronoma back
Metronoma angled
Metronoma inside