When most people hear the word “recorder”, they think of those cheap plastic instruments used by elementary schools to introduce kids to music.  However, it takes a lot of skill to play the recorder well.  Aulos and Yamaha both make some excellent higher-end plastic recorders.  A surprising number of theatre shows have recorder parts in them.  Brian has an eclectic collection of both plastic and wooden instruments.

Aulos Garklein Recorder; plastic.  The garklein is the smallest member of the recorder family measuring in at about 6.5 inches.  Made in Japan.

Aulos Sopranino Recorder; plastic.  Made in Japan.

Aulos Soprano Recorder; plastic.  Richard Haka model.  Made in Japan.

Gill Alto Recorder; pear wood.  Made in Israel.

Yamaha Tenor Recorder; plastic.  Made in Japan.

Yamaha Bass Recorder; maple.  Made in Japan.